Monday, November 24, 2008

Not music related, but definitely a scene kid accessory.

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I was on the green line the other day, coming back from the MFA.

Oh. That rhymed.

Anyways, I was standing in an overcrowded train with my headphones on when I noticed a girl gesturing at me and saying something. Confused, I pulled off my headphones. She proceeded to exclaim her love of my messenger bag, and wanted to know if I'd made it myself.

Well, I hadn't, but I love it too. It's a Vy & Elle bag. They're a company from Arizona that makes bags of all shapes and sizes from used billboard vinyl (get it? Vinyl. Vy & Elle. Vinyl.) Mine is an envoy messenger bag, and both the shoulder strap and the closure are made from old seat belts. As an added bonus, the seat belt on mine is from a GM car, and I drive a '95 Oldsmobile. Awesome, I know.

It's been pretty resilient over the past year or so (I bought it at a store called Red Fish Blue Fish in Hyannis). The only problem I've had is a bit of cracking at the top of the bag which I repaired with some blue duct tape.

Still confused over why some stranger talked to me on the E train? I was too, until she proceeded to ramble on about how she was from North Carolina. Of course: no Bostonian would talk to a stranger on a subway.

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