Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Phantom Planet

I didn't know they existed until this year. Then they signed to Fueled by Ramen and put out a new record and seemed out of place on the label full of fresh new twenty somethings. But it made people go back and look at their old records, brought in a new set of fans that would never have met them otherwise.

I saw them earlier this year as a part of the Honda Civic Tour. Alex Greenwald had to qualify "California" as their own song, because so many people had been congratulating them on their awesome cover of "that song from the OC." Maybe that made them realize it wasn't happening anymore. But they made me smile, made me dance, and got stuck in my head.

Now, they're leaving, with one last show at the Troubador.

Goodbye, Phantom Planet. We'll miss you <3

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