Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shut Your Mouth and Get Down on the Floor

The SassyBack Tour stopped at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence last night. Obviously I had to be there.

Sing it Loud and Hit the Lights played first. They were nothing special. Sing it Loud sounds like every other fledgling scene band of the moment, and Hit the Lights just reminded me of Valencia. They weren't bad, and they got the crowd moving, but they were... well, they weren't much of anything. Hit the Lights also had some tech problems that weren't their fault, namely the lead singer's mic which kept breaking up and fading out, but which still brought down the tone a bit.

Forever the Sickest Kids ("Are they really the sickest kids, or just sicker than most?") weren't bad. I'd heard rave reviews, and while they didn't fully live up to them, they were animated and fun and enjoyable. I danced a bit, I sang along a bit, and I marveled at their drummer's hair (seriously, it's awesome. Also, he broke the bass drum pedal and kept going like a trooper, so props to him). But they were good enough that I've looked up their myspace and checked out what they sound like without 2000 people screaming along, and that's what supporting bands should really be looking for.

And then came Cobra Starship. They are one of my favorite bands and for good reason. They're different and fun and connect so well with the crowd that you're convinced they're playing for you and only you. And how many bands can say that parts of their songs have awesome keytar solos? Probably the best concert I have ever been to was Cobra Starship at the Middle East last January, and I saw them again at Warped Tour in August. And still, after three shows in one year, they have me dancing and screaming along like a 12-year-old fangirl.

Notes specific to last night: They started off with the "Church of Hot Addiction" and played through everything from "Diamond Girl" to a surprise rendition of "Hollaback Boy". Alex Suarez rocked out on the maracas at one point and rocked his Chanel bass for all that it was worth. Nate has a new set of drums with CS on the front - a bit garish but they fit in well with their stage set. Gabe worked the crowd as well as he always does, but I noticed Ryland and the rest picking up a bit more of the vocals than I've seen in the past, which worries me a bit. A while back Gabe found out he had a cyst on his vocal chords, but they still decided to tour anyways. In my mind, postponing the tour in favor of not screwing up the lead singer's voice permanently would have been a good idea, but who am I to decide?

Some fans worried Cobra would change when they got on MTV and started playing larger venues and larger crowds. I may have worried a little myself. But true to form, they're still the same band I fell in love with almost two whole years ago, and the same band that played to the packed Middle East in January. They haven't changed one bit, and I love them even more for it.

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