Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dresden Dolls

Initially, I'd planned on posting the video for Girl Anachronism, because I'm having one of those days (weeks, months, years).

But while searching for it, I ran across this, which I thought was kind of beautiful. I love the statues and the idea of sending anonymous CDs through the mail, connecting people and brightening their days. I love real mail, stamps, and sealing wax. There's something about tangible letters and envelopes that gets lost in e-mail and the internet. Also, the video shows a much softer side of the Dresden Dolls that doesn't appear in most of their other videos.

"Sing" by the Dresden Dolls, directed by Michael Pope (sadly, MTV doesn't seem to care much about video quality, so the sound's a little flaky):

"If I were any older I would act my age, but I don't think that you'd believe me."

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