Thursday, January 1, 2009


I still occasionally date things as 2007. It just recently hit me that 2008 was here and now it's gone. I rang in the new year with movies, Chinese food, and 6 inches of snow.

The new Fall Out Boy video for "America's Suitehearts" came out today. I personally don't like it, especially the animation style. The grotesque cut outs seem to be popping up a lot lately, most notably in Anthony Green's video for "Dear Child." I'm not a fan. FOB's habit of throwing their pet bands into their videos hasn't disappeared either, with Hey Monday's Cassadee showing up near the end. I don't necessarily have a problem with bands putting their friends into videos, but I feel like Fueled By Ramen (and Decaydance to a certain degree) have started filling their ranks with more and more identical scene bands, with very little to distinguish one from the next. What makes The Friday Night Boys different from This Providence? And VersaEmerge seems to be Fueled by Ramen's version of Hey Monday.

Oh 2009. You've already made me cynical and critical, what with my college tuition soaring above 50 grand a year (thank god for scholarships) and the fact that everyone around keeps reminding me that my career choice of music video directing is irresponsible given the current economic climate and my apparent lack of video skill.

Well. That was happy. And totally off topic. Here's a link to America's Suitehearts and to my feelings on graduation and careers, as proposed by the sometimes amusing xkcd.

Happy New Year.

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