Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fangs Up.

Today is an important day.

It's the one year anniversary of the very best concert I've ever been too.

A small club, a great band, good food, and fabulous friends. I've been to concerts that were better musically, but I've never left a concert feeling as absolutely amazing and excited about the music as this one. I've spent the last year trying to recreate the pure awesome that was January 20, 2008, but I've never succeeded.

The video is old (and low quality because it's from my youtube account), but it still makes me smile. It also features some of my friends and I making fools of ourselves, as well as a very poor editing job in Windows Movie Maker. Excuse all that and skip to 1:45 if you'd just like to see the music.

(Fun fact! January 20th, I found out that night, is also Vicky-T's birthday, and the day she joined the band. Happy 2 years as a cobra!)

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