Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One Day Closer

A truck cab on the highway last night had "One Day Closer" painted on the back.

Closer to what?

Very Short List (if you aren't subscribed, you should be) sent me a link this morning to a video directed by Ringan Ledwidge. He's a commercial director from the UK, and I'd seen one of his videos (a Hovis bread ad) before. He loves to play with time in his commercials - a Levi's ad has a couple progressing through the decades as they strip pair after pair of jeans off each other and an ad for a French DVR service has an entire city convinced to rewind in order to reunite two lovers. Occasionally, his commercials seem only loosely related to the product (a dancing marionette advertising bottled water and a gymnast-like woman advertising cell phone internet) but they're always interesting and worth a few minutes of your day.

He's also done some music videos, like "One Day Like This" for Elbow. Not that that should surprise you.

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