Thursday, January 29, 2009


I'm waiting online to buy presale tickets to the FOB/Cobra Starship concert at four (the benefits of being a long time fan), and have been listening to the new album by Rivers Cuomo.

My birthday present to myself on my 19th birthday was the deluxe version of The Blue Album, and I fell in love with the song "Paperface." The screaming guitars, the emotion of just throwing everything away and driving across the country, and the raw vocals of the demo version resonated with something in my head or heart. Cuomo's newly released home recordings, Alone II, include an even earlier version of the song. The liner notes explain that Amy Moore, the song's protagonist, was an actual person who went to high school with Rivers. Though she didn't shoot a cop, she did steal a car and drive to New Orleans. She just got away and left and ran.

New Orleans isn't my destination. Los Angeles is. I've already got a car, and I really don't want to shoot anyone, but I want to get out and go.

"Amy Moore blew her top, stole a car, shot a cop. Sped away two thousand miles, didn't stop until she hit New Orleans."

If any part of you has ever wanted to get out, do yourself a favor and check out at least one version of the song. It's pretty awesome.

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