Thursday, January 22, 2009

Steven's Untitled Rock Show

I hate posting twice in one day. But.

Steven's Untitled Rock Show is amazing. I've found bands through Mr. Steven Smith. I've seen fabulous interviews with amazing musicians. I've learned that sometimes even VJs with their own show don't get to choose the videos that they show. I got to watch full videos, not shortened edits. It's the one thing I Tivo at home to watch over breaks (because I don't get Fuse at school.)

I went home last weekend, expecting 4 new episodes. But they were all lacking a certain important figure, Mr. Smith himself. I was confused, but figured that everyone needs a break. Maybe he was just on vacation. But hadn't he been on vacation a little while ago for his honeymoon? I brushed it off as just a glitch and figured I'd catch up on some more the next time I was home.

I read the news today (apparently weeks too late ) that SURS has been canceled. Which is appalling. To be honest, I've been worried about it for a few months. First, they started with the "SURS Night Out" where you could send in pictures of yourself with band members. Then they moved to texting Steven during the show. They'd also moved to a time slot when most of the audience (teenagers in high school) would be in class, and started repeating videos day after day. But I never thought it would end so abruptly. It just stopped.

Fuse in general had been the last hope for music TV. MTV and VH1 are full of reality shows now. What do shows like "Next" and "Room Raiders" even have to do with music? Fuse still shows countdowns and music video slots, but things like "Redemption Song" are slowly creeping in. With the loss of SURS comes the loss of fans and the loss of a full hour of alternative videos, but more importantly the loss of an amazing VJ.

Steven posted a blog about the end, and it's heartbreaking in how much he didn't want to leave us hanging:

''But it's you fans I owe it all too. Every. Single. One of you. If I could hug you individually I would. And many of you I have whenever I saw you out at a festival. You all made my day, my life, my career and I salute you for your love of music, your passion, and your dedication to a television show devoted to music and to those who craft it.

Until now and always, I'm Steven and this has been Steven's Untitled Rock Show."

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