Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weezer Bassists

Currently, Weezer's bassist is Scott Shriner, who seems like a cool dude, if not a little weird. But what member of Weezer, or Weezer fan, isn't a little weird?

Mikey Welsh had some issues. Maybe. He left Weezer and no one really talks about it. But he too seemed a touch awesome in my book, what with his fabulous outfit in the "Hash Pipe" video. He's apparently turned his life around and started doing some graphic design work. Good for him. Seriously.

But my favorite Weezer bassist is Matt Sharp because he played on the Blue Album, and I'm pretty sure my heart beats to the bass line of "Only in Dreams." It is just fabulous and amazing. So he left Weezer and started The Rentals, which I have never really gotten into. However they just started a new project, called Songs About Time, that looks like it could be really interesting. There's a new photograph every day, a new film every week, and a new song chapter every three months. The format is a little annoying (you have to watch it flash the date before you look at a picture. It's very big about time. Oh. Well that's kind of the point.) but it's a really awesome idea.

Bass players.

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