Friday, March 6, 2009

Purple Hooded Fender Benders

I did not go and see Lights tonight. It's just not my destiny to ever see her live, apparently. Ah well. Instead, I babysat for an adorable 4-year-old who calls me AlexAlexis (because Alex is a boy's name, and Alexandra is a princess name, and I am neither a boy nor a princess, so he settled on AlexAlexis.)

Anyways, we went on a trip to get some ice-cream because it was actually a nice day out. On the way, I discovered that none of the CDs in my car are really appropriate for a 4-year-old. I settled on the Green Album and skipped "Hash Pipe."

We got our ice-cream and sat in a booth by the window. After about five minutes, a boy in a purple hoodie walked by outside. The same purple American Apparel hoodie that I was wearing. We both gave each other an awkward glance. About five minutes later, he walked by again. This time, he very proudly pointed at his hoodie and approved of mine. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up, and watched him walk across the street and back his Jeep up straight into a Volvo parked behind him.

Oh scene kids.

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