Monday, April 27, 2009

Lazy Weekends

The weather in Massachusetts went from cold to rain to summer. It completely skipped Spring.

Yesterday was Springfest on campus. I didn't so much "go" as I did study in the general vicinity. I watched Deerhunter for a little while, listened to Asher Roth while in line for a hamburger (well who turns down free food?), and wandered by while the Decemberists were playing. In between there was a lot of orgo studying (aka lying on the grass people watching with my orgo notebook nearby).

On a completely different note, finals and tests and the end of the year are taking over my life, but that doesn't mean I don't still have time for silly internet videos. I, personally, love baking. Cupcakes and cookies and bread and pastries and big decadent birthday cakes. But when it comes to cooking, I'm more of a pasta and salad girl, with some sort of chicken thrown in. Which is why I was very excited when I found Frankie. He cooks things! And makes it look easy! He makes things like Ravioli Casunziei (which looks so good) and Focaccia! I have not actually tried making any of this yet (the stove in the kitchen in my dorm is broken - awesome) but I plan on it this summer and when I actually have my own kitchen in my apartment next year. To tie it back into the music (for this is, sometimes, a music blog) here is Frankie making French Toast with Jukebox the Ghost. Enjoy:

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