Sunday, June 7, 2009


I was raised on country music. As a kid, my dad's car played oldies, and my mom's car played country. I grew up with Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, and Shania Twain. My first big concert was Rascal Flatts at Great Woods with my Mom. But at 13, I started buying my own CDs, I found Alt Rock, and I never looked back.

Except sometimes, flipping through radio stations, I stop on a song that I remember, sing along for a few minutes because country gets ground into your soul and it doesn't matter how long ago it was, those words and those lines will always come back to you.

Confession: I think Taylor Swift is awesome.

I don't own anything by her, and I only know her radio singles, but she's just about my age, has hit records, and sings about teenage hearts. She is one of the few female artists of my age bracket that doesn't run around town without panties on, and she has an adorable crush on Justin Timberlake. She is the kind of girl that I want to sit down and chat with, about boys and movies and whatever she's read lately.

She also just put out a great video, directed by Roman White:

It disappoints me a little that nothing ever happens this way (the hot cheerleader always wins, no matter what teen movies and pop culture try and tell you. True fact.) But Taylor Swift, if you want someone to follow you around with a camera on tour and make web videos and document your travels, I've got a camera and a restless itch that makes me want to travel around to crazy cities and film everything around me. Just call me.

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