Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too Good For You - Ian Crawford

I've seen The Cab live... twice? They opened at a few shows I've been too. I've always marveled at their fans - they're some of the most ferocious and dedicated fans ever, completely obsessed with the music and the band members. I never felt that The Cab was anything too special. "I'll Run" was alright, but that was really the only song I liked.

There was, however, one portion of the band that blew me away - Guitarist Ian Crawford. He wasn't an original portion of the band. When they needed a new guitarist, he came in as a friend of a friend to fill the slot (if I'm correct, he's the cousin of Shane Valdez, a friend/videographer of Panic at the Disco). And he was amazing. There are very few guitarists who really blow me away live, but he was one of them. He was amazing. Example with FOB (Crawford comes in around 2:00 and plays the solo) and another as a demo for a guitar company. The second is wicked impressive. Watch it. I'm not kidding. He has such an impressive range of abilities. You'd be hard pressed to find something this kid couldn't play.

And now, he's leaving the band, according to a blog by The Cab's lead singer Alex Deleon. I want to know where he's going. I want to know what he's doing next. I want to follow whatever he does because, seriously, it will be good.

(PS - a side note of bitchiness - in Deleon's blog, he extols his love of Crawford, but makes the comment that Crawford's "heart was simply not in this genre of music. He didn’t want to play pop or music suitable for the radio." Not suitable for the radio? Ouch, dude. Harsh. In his own blog, Crawford parried with the statement: "it is not necessarily that I don't want to make radio-friendly music, this band just wasn't for me." Good for him.)

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