Monday, June 29, 2009

Won Back by a Music Video - Story of my Life

Okay, Cobra Starship. Okay. You've got me back. We were a little rocky there for a few weeks, and I'm still waiting to see how "Hot Mess" turns out, but I get it. I'm back on the bus.

You see I wasn't very happy with "Good Girls Go Bad." It's too poppy, too average, too regular. It's what's playing on every radio station right now, and that's not what I turn to Cobra for. But on the other hand, it's exactly what's playing on the radio right now, and a band needs to sell albums to stay afloat. And as pop songs go, it's not bad. I was still a little wary, still a little scared, but the video premiered today and it is so perfectly Cobra Starship. They're running a club out of a deli, with people only getting in if they but the right pack of beer. They make a kick back to their video for "The City Is at War" by hitting Guy Ripley in the face with a pie, and the illegal gambling that occurred in "The Church of Hot Addiction". The Butcher of The Academy Is... makes an appearance (as is only appropriate in the deli). There are illegal shenanigans, and a spirit of not giving a fuck. They get caught by the police. Sure, there's a very long section of Leighton Meester singing in front of a fan with club lighting behind her, but hopefully that'll make channel surfers stop and watch. And she actually holds her own on camera next to the very large personality of Gabe Saporta - props to her.

I give in Cobra. Everything you do is just plain awesome.

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