Monday, July 27, 2009

New Perspective

A day early, but somehow (intentional or not) Panic! at the Disco's (I'm not used to putting that ! back in yet) new single is out on the internet. You can download it here, but I'm not telling you that you should, or saying that I did, because that's illegal kiddies. I'm just saying that it's there.

It's called "New Perspective." I'm on time three of listening to it and... I feel nothing. Panic! songs (and even Panic songs) always made me feel something - anger, sadness, happiness, lust, heartbreak, beauty. But this is nothing. I'm not even sure what they're doing wrong. I wish I could point to something and say "there, right there, if only they would change this it would be great!" but I can't.

And I'm sorry, but "can we fast forward to you go down on me" belongs in a song with violent guitars and screaming vocals and some sort of pounding drum, not some sort of shaker, a xylophone, and a lilting voice.

It's all just words and pep and vacuous notes. I really wish it wasn't. I had hoped that this side of the split would be the one to uphold my love of Panic!, that Spencer and Brendon would continue to make the music that I needed.

Okay, the song just hit 2:53, and I can see this, the vocals over the piano. This fits, this works. At 3:05 the guitars come back in and I lose it again. Maybe that's the problem - they've flooded the song with too much, trying to do everything at once. Maybe that's what it needs, to be stripped back and stripped down, to just a piano and drums, maybe an acoustic. There's too much going on and it's overpowering the emotion and the lyrics and the feeling.

Who knows. It's off of the soundtrack for Jennifer's Body, so maybe it's not even going to be on their album, maybe it is different from everything else they'll make. Maybe this is just a very elaborate and pissed off "Blow me" to Jon and Ryan.

Tread carefully, Panic! boys. Just relax and let the music flow - stop trying so hard.

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