Friday, July 10, 2009

The Radio

I keep a stack of CDs in my car, ready to cover any musical emergency. But sometimes, driving late at night, I love rolling the windows down and blasting the radio. Usually I end up switching between bad pop songs and oldies, but occasionally I find something good stuck in there too.

The first seems to be all over the airwaves lately. It's called "Help, I'm Alive" by Metric. I like that the lyrics are distorted and electric, and there’s a definite synthesizer feel through the whole song. There’s also something eerie about the song itself, as though something really is after the band. Their music in general seems to have a bored, dirty rock sound and I like it. The band has fun with their music and creates something that makes you want to move around. “Sick Muse” comes accompanied by a cute video of the band just playing around and the lyric “everybody, everybody just wanna fall in love.” It’s good, not great, but if they came to Boston I’d absolutely go see them.

The second is "I Like to Dance" by Hot Chelle Rae. It's currently available on their website for free download and is completely worth it. It's also recently been on So You Think You Can Dance, or so says their website. It's got a great, catchy chorus: "Well I Like to dance / so if you do just get on the floor / forget the romance / this is what music was created for / so find someone hot / and if you're not it doesn't matter / baby take what you've got / and just go dance ‘til you feel better" and some sick guitars at the beginning of the song. It had me dancing in my car and wishing I could play it over and over again. There's also a repeated chant of "lovesick electric" which is just perfect. Its got a slightly electric pop rock feel. Are they the next big thing? Maybe, maybe not. But it sure is a catchy song, and the rest of their stuff seems to be more of the same. It's almost bordering on too pop, too clean, but I still like it.

Then, of course, Lady Gaga came on and I switched the station.

(PS - I wrote a venue review of The Middle East for Love Your Fans. They're a new blog that could be a huge resource for concert goers everywhere if everyone pitches in a little. Check them out and show some love.)

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