Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Secret Shows and Recent Replacements

Little things:

-My Chemical Romance is playing some not so secret shows in LA this week before they head off to Japan for Summer Sonic. I'm very, very jealous. Tickets went to select fans and members of, which is a little rough - if you didn't join the community, you don't get to go. Ouch. But hopefully this fuels them along for more recording of the music that they keep telling us about. "Death Before Disco" is something I am dying to hear. I also still have not seen MCR live and really, really hope they finish the album soon and tour somewhere near me.

-Panic! at the Disco has announced their replacement bassist and guitarist for their tour with Blink-182: Dallon Weekes of The Brobecks and Ian Crawford, formerly of The Cab. I'm absolutely stoked that Crawford is filling in on guitar - he is one of only two guitarists to ever truly blow me away live, and I'm pumped that he's out there playing. The interview that this announcement came from is a little sad, however. Spencer Smith notes that the decision to split was "beyond amicable." That hurts a little, and he notes that though the split is hard for the fans, he's happy that so many people loved the band enough to be hurt. the fanbase is strong, don't let us down.

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