Friday, July 17, 2009

Weird Videos of Weirdness

What is going on here?

First, we have the new video for "Open Happiness." It's a song sponsored by Coca Cola, and pulls together a wide range of artists - Cee-Lo, Janelle Monae, Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump, and Travis McCoy. The song is sugary sweet, which is fitting, but the video is another example of green screens gone wrong. It's a bad acid trip of colors and images and ridiculous dancing. In all honesty, I'm a huge fan of ridiculous dancing, but there is a fish helicopter, clouds made of cotton candy, and person sized crayons. The kids who get sucked into this "world of happiness" are amazed and excited by their surroundings while I feel that if I was in their place I would be searching desperately for a quiet corner to escape the crazy. In good news, however, I actually like Janelle Monae in this. It's restrained compared to her stage act and so I focused on her pretty voice and not her flailing. But who put Patrick Stump into an awkward pilot's costume? And why is Cee-Lo a zebra? I just don't understand!

Second is a... music video? Promo? Short film of confusion by Taylor Swift and T-Pain. In which she raps. It is hysterical and I love it, even if she claims she baked caramel delights (which you should not do! They are never as good when you try and fake bake them at home. They are supposed to come from overpriced purple boxes with girl scouts in fire helmets on them!) I'm not entirely sure what the purpose is, but Taylor Swift just keeps doing things that make me think she would be hysterical to hang out with. "What, what, I knit sweaters, yo!"

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