Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Whirlwind of Musical Emotions

I have a mug of hot chocolate, with added cinnamon and milk, and it is making me quite happy.

I spent the day listening to nothing but Panic at the Disco, from their albums to some of my live footage to their extraordinary cover of "Tonight, Tonight." I realized through this why I'm so upset about the split: I wanted to see what they did next. PATD evolved so much from their first album to their second that I really wanted to know what their third album would be. I would have been disappointed with a replica of either Fever or Pretty.Odd. I wanted something new and different, a new musical style or scene. I guess I'll still be able to see that, and see more clearly as to what they each expected that expansion would be, but I was excited to see how all four of them came together on it. Here's wishing them all luck and hoping that this creative split turns out some fantastic music. My predictions? Brendon and Spencer claim to have found something in their recording space, and I venture to guess that something might be the lost cabin songs, or at least something that sounds like them. I’m betting on a feel like the anonymous Paul Revere Jumpsuit Apparatus song that appeared on the Fall Out Boy Citizens for our Betterment mix tape in the fall. Jon and Ryan seem to be spending a lot of time with Eric Ronick, their tour keyboardist, and Alex Greenwald of the now defunct Phantom Planet, so I predict a mellow, stoner rock album much like Pretty.Odd.

Slight tangent: Did the 2008 Honda Civic Tour kill bands or what? First Phantom Planet went on hiatus, then The Hush Sound, and now the split of Panic at the Disco. The only band left from that tour (which itself died and did not happen this year due to the economy) is Motion City Soundtrack, who just finished a new record. If something happens to them (and I seriously hope nothing does) I’m afraid for any band that came in contact with that tour.

In other scene news, All Time Low just came out with a new video that has sparked a ton of controversy over its portrayal of its fans. If I hadn’t seen them live, and didn’t know how they talked to crowds, I might let it slide as taking a fun poke at the scene. But as it stands, this is just an extension of an attitude that I really hate. I’m not going to dive into a long rant about whether or not it’s degrading to women in general, or just to girls who sleep with boys in bands (bad idea, girls, bad idea), but I’ll let you decide on your own; do you want to listen to a band who drops you into one of only two categories: “band slut” if you want to sleep with them or “tease” if you don’t? The video is here. I don’t particularly want to embed it.

But in happy music news, we have Julia Nunes, who is delightful and awesome. I would love to see her live. My favorite cover of hers is "Keep Fishin'" but her cover of "Don't Trust Me" by 3oh!3 made me smile, because I love that song and because she held up a setlist that included The Mexican Hat Dance and a song by Meatloaf. Now I know what you're thinking: "But Alex, this song is just as demeaning to women as All Time Low's video. How can you like one and decry the other?" Okay, so maybe you weren't going to use the word decry, but my point is that there's a right way to poke fun at the scene and a wrong way. 3oh!3 did it the right way, with a tongue in cheek (hah!) jab at those girls in the back that we all make fun of. All Time Low did it the wrong way by encouraging their fans to be sluts, then making fun of them for it.

Here, have a smiley girl on a ukulele. It'll make the hypocrisy go away:

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