Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Young Veins

And now, Ryan and Jon, formerly of Panic at the Disco, have released their own first single. It's a musical war, people, and I don't want to take sides. I really don't want to take sides. But it explains why Spencer and Brendon moved the release date of their own single up so much.

As The Young Veins, Ryan and Jon have put their new song "Change" up on their myspace. I'm on listen three (I've decided to be perfectly fair and equal on listening statuses on both my review of this and of "New Perspective") and I like it. It has problems, but I like it.

Let's start with the title. "Change." Yeah guys, we got it.

I like the guitars. It's an easy song, very heavily seventies influenced. I can see dancing around in the sun, barefoot and with a flower in my hair. The music itself is good, it's put together very well instrumentally, with enough going on to keep it interesting but also not enough to distract you from what's really happening. There are beats aided by hand clapping and tambourines, and the music fits the lyrics which, themselves, are good. They're very disillusioned and jaded, but in the way that a twentysomething can absolutely relate to.

"Some people never change/ they just stay the same way." Yes, this is part of a pissing contest between the Panic! boys and the Panic boys. Was there ever any doubt?

There is, however, one problem. One big problem. Ryan Ross can't really sing. "Behind the Sea" was always hard to listen to. The first time I heard him sing live, I was embarrassed for him, but thought he must have been sick, or having a bad day. Then I heard him sing again at another concert and realized that live, his voice just can't hold up. It's very processed in the song, cut up horizontally rather than vertically. (Did that make sense to anyone but me? It's not cut up in that it's jumpy with pieces missing beat to beat, but that it's been layered over itself with pieces missing from each individual beat. Horizontally, not vertically.)

I really like it though. I like the lyrics and the music. It makes me feel something. But Panic has split into one side that can write music and one side that can perform music. Neither of those halves can thrive on their own.

(The repeated chorus of "change, change change" at the end? Yes boys, we know! But only a year and a half ago, things had changed and it was okay. What now?)

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