Thursday, August 13, 2009


Tomorrow is my last day of work for the summer. Then it's ten days off and back to six classes and three jobs. Sleeping? Who has time for that? So in a week of relatively sad music news (the death of Les Paul) I figured I'd give you two acoustic performances that greatly improved my outlook on two recent songs.

The first is "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship, acoustic for a radio station. I'm usually not a huge fan of Victoria's voice (though everything else she does seems to be pretty fabulous) but I like it here, especially when backed by Ryland. I actually really love the song acoustic. Go figure. It's kind of funny, since I fell in love with Cobra Starship through some acoustic performances they did for Tagworld (which doesn't really exist anymore) a few years back. I just remembered how awesome those were. Back on track, Alex! Here is the acoustic performance of "Good Girls Go Bad":

And just for good measure, here's one of the Tagworld sessions. This is how I met Cobra Starship almost three years ago, two boys on guitars and a punk frontman with a Boston Red Sox hat.

Also, here is Brendon Urie playing "New Perspective" acoustic some time in the past week. His voice. His voice. It gets me every time. And he looks like he's having so much fun, even if I bounce back and forth between thinking this song is about a girl, a guy, the breakup, blowjobs, or surfing. Maybe it's all of those. I don't know, I don't care, I just love it acoustic. This is what I originally suggested that the song needed, to be stripped down bare.

Oops, did I not warn you in advance about the Pete Wentz faux blowjob? Sorry. I was too busy listening to that voice.

This schizophrenic acoustic post brought to you by WEEZER'S 7TH ALBUM, out October 27th. Actually, it's not brought to you by them at all. I'm just pumped.

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