Sunday, August 2, 2009

I've Got the Answer

So My Chemical Romance played two shows at the Roxy in LA on July 31 and August 1, at which they premiered three new songs. And someone put them online. Yay!

The one I was most excited to hear was “Death Before Disco.” Gerard had recently spoken at ComicCon that he felt this was their best song to date, possibly their “Born to Run.” I can’t pull out a ton of the lyrics, but it sounds like an MCR song that’s not about death! Yay! It’s very rock, and it’s fun, and there’s something about a party and a dance floor and getting your hands up and fists up and I love it! The guitars sound great and the back up vocals sound awesome and there is so much energy. I need new, good music and this looks like it. I want this in a professional recording, I need this soon. Watch this video, I command it. Also, Mikey’s t-shirt apparently reads “Mikey Fucking Way” in Japanese. More awesome. Watch the party break down tonight:

Next is “LA Heavy” or maybe “Kiss the Rain.” I’m not quite sure what the title is, but it sounds much more MCR than the last song. Again, the music sounds great. Very rock, maybe a touch of an 80s influence. Gerard screams and yells and this is like a comfort blanket of familiar for MCR kids. I like this as well.

Finally, “Drugs.” A very MCR title. Loud guitars. Drumbeats. It doesn’t light me on fire quite like the last two, but I’m still so pumped for their new CD. This is going to be very, very good. I want to be in that crowd so badly, feeling this music pulse though the room. They better tour soon. The scene needs to be reminded of what rock music is.

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