Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Perspective

Panic! at the Disco released the music video for "New Perspective" today. There's... well there's not much of a plot. It's basically Brendon and Spencer looking hot and walking through a high school. Which isn't bad, mind you, but there's not much substance. I get that it's related to Jennifer's Body (I mean the blatant advertising on one girl's t-shirt didn't help the video feel less weird) which takes place in a high school and has girls fighting (right?) but other than that... Maybe it's about them just being above all the high school bullshit, breezing by it and not caring. Or maybe it's about how that's what they want but really, in the end, high school rips them to pieces. I dunno. Here have some boys in suits:

EDIT: I almost never go back and change entries, but the video I originally put up was no longer available, so I embedded this new version, which has scenes from Jennifer's Body overlaid on about 50% of the video. This does explain why there was so little plot to the video, if it was going to be intercut with different things, but oh my god, this looks like the cheesiest movie ever. Agh!

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