Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Pop Show

FUSE premiered a new show last week: The Pop Show. My dad recorded it and sent it to me (damn you college and your lack of good channels) and I have mixed feelings. It’s a mix of music videos and interviews, but I think they’re trying to make it a replacement for SURS and failing miserably.

The show starts with “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay. Which isn’t old, really, but it’s from last summer and it’s not exactly new. It did, however, make me remember how much I love the last four shots of that video, as the band dissolves into paint chips. They followed it up with “Gives You Hell” by AAR, and alright, that’s more current. Then they switched to an interview with Alexis Bledel and Zach Gilford of the new movie Post Grad. The host of the show, Allison Hagendorf, tried, but she couldn’t really elicit anything of interest out of the two. Allison herself is a little lacking on the personality, which was disappointing. Then we switched to “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” by Britney Spears.

Okay, FUSE. What exactly do you think you’re doing here? We are no longer in the mid nineties. Britney Spears no longer passes for anything close to innocent. Pigtails? Midriffs? Huge choreographed dance numbers in a high school gym? We are passed this! Let’s move on!

And we did move on, to “Don’t Trust Me” by 3Oh!3. This is the weirdest group of videos ever. Then back to Post Grad, where they played a lackluster game of “How well do you know your costars?” and showed an awkwardly cut clip of the movie that none of the three people in the studio knew how to respond to. Also, can I note right now, after seeing only 30 seconds of the movie, that the plot line is going to involve the boy being in love with the girl all along, but her being too caught up in herself and her job to realize it, until the very end when she realizes that her male best friend is the perfect man for her. Could romantic comedies please try and find a new plot? Please?

“So What” by P!nk, “Umbrella” by Rihanna, and “Not Meant to Be” by Theory of a Deadman followed. The show closed with the only truly current video, “Love Drunk” by Boys Like Girls. It was the first time I’d seen the video, and I don’t hate the song. I’ve never been a BLG fan but they’re headlining a show I’m seeing in November and it looks like it might be fun. The lead singer also looks like my hair stylist. Huh.

Overall I wasn’t impressed by the show, but they advertise upcoming interviews with Panic! at the Disco and Cobra Starship, which makes sense as these are groups actually related to music. Remember FUSE, you were the last home of MUSIC television. Don’t let that go!

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