Thursday, August 20, 2009

Steven's Untitled Myspace

I miss Steven's Untitled Rock Show. I've spent most of this morning watching old episodes on the TiVo and doodling, and I just miss the way the show combined videos you loved with videos you'd never seen and awesome band interviews. Fuse was wrong in canceling it. But I found where the amazing Steven Smith has gone to... Myspace.

Yeah, I know.

The MySpace Music Feed: Panic! At The Disco and Taylor Momsen

Things learned from this webisode: Taylor Momsen's fashion mullet isn't for Gossip Girl, it's for a band, Panic! At the Disco is not ruling out the possibility of getting back together far in the future, and 3OH!3 took the least interesting song from their album and made it into a single. Huh.

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