Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weezer Party Vibe

Weezer just played in Korea with their new five-piece configuration. I’m still a little jarred by the fact that Weezer has five people, but it seems to be working with Pat Wilson moving up onto the guitar and Josh Freese handling the drumming. They played three new songs, though only two of them are really new – one, “Can’t Stop Partying,” was released by Rivers Cuomo on his Alone II album, but now it has the rest of the band playing as well.

“I’m Your Daddy” is my favorite of the three, though it’s hard to choose because they’re all good. They’re party songs, which sound a little silly coming from crazy, balding Rivers Cuomo, but I love Weezer for the fact that they’re still able to pull it off. They have a bit of a pop sound, while still keeping that alternative edge. I can see “I’m Your Daddy” playing on the radio.

Girl Got Hot” is also good. It’s a total sing along song, and the entire arena got into it even though it was a completely new song. It’s written from the perspective of a young guy, about a girl he knew in Junior High who… got hot. It’s a funny story telling song. Great for live shows.

Finally, “Can’t Stop Partying.” It was much more of an anti-party song on Alone II, with Rivers sounding sad on just an acoustic, as though try as he might he just couldn’t stop partying. With the rest of the band behind him, it now sounds like he’s enjoying the partying. They’ve also added backing vocals which sound a little put of place, but I like the song. It’s a jam for driving in the car with your friends and the windows down. I love Weezer’s versatility and lately they’re playing a very party mood. I’m a little worried they’re just rushing through the record to get through their contract with Geffen, but I’m not displeased with what they’re putting out. I guess it’s a win-win for everyone, as long as they tour in Boston soon. I'm also excited that they're working with Butch Walker, who seems to produce great music. We'll just have to wait and see what album seven is like!

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