Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Yours Tonight

The Academy Is... released a new track on the Alternative Press website today, available here. It's very close to the tracks and musical style that came from Fast Times at Barrington High, which was my least favorite of their albums. I felt that it was very superficial compared to their other music, too light and vacant. This has a bit more substance to it, but it still has some silly piano keys that feel fake and laid over the rest of the track. I think that's my problem - their recent music feels fake and insincere, whereas their old stuff really felt like the were pouring their hearts out for us to see and feel.

"I'm Yours Tonight" is too much a cliche love song: "I'll pull the stars down from the heavens to fill your skies," "Forever alone 'til I found you," and "I'll help you find your way" just don't fit with the boys who used to be singing about broken relationships and heavy hearts. Maybe they've grown up, fallen in love, become happy. And that's great for them, but maybe not for their music.

Also, this is being released on an EP, "Lost in Pacific Time," that will be available on the AP Fall Tour and online after September 22. So hopefully this isn't indicative of their next full album.

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