Monday, September 21, 2009

More New TAI: "Sputter"

Well this is better.

The Academy Is... released another song off of their upcoming EP again (seriously, an EP? These guys have put out three real CDs. An EP?). It's so much better then the last. You can listen to "Sputter" here.

I love the bass line beating underneath everything during the verses. The vocals by Andrew McMahon fit the song perfectly and sound great layered over William Beckett's. I really love some of the lyrics too "Outside construction workers pour a brand new basement floor, but then the ground starts shaking fault lines to your own front door." It has a real feeling, as though Beckett actually means some of these words, isn't just throwing them out there. I can really feel this song too, it has depth and layers and emotion. I love the harmonies on the word "sputter."

It's still a little fake pretty perfect poppy in the chorus, but it's better.

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