Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wait, what, Tuesday?

It's Tuesday? Already? Again? But it was just Wednesday and what?

I got the Lost in Pacific Time EP by The Academy Is... in the mail today, but I've had absolutely no time to listen to it. I got just as far as taking off the plastic seal, and then had to go study, and then go to work, and then a review session and swing dancing and more studying and ah! And I have to get up early in the morning to go to work then take a test then class then work then hopefully a training session and filming and oh my goodness when is there breathing?

So I've decided, just now, to take a half hour, and listen to my new CD. Because I can do that.

Track 1: "I'm Yours Tonight" which I've already discussed here.

Track 2: "Days Like Masquerades" begins with a very different vibe from most TAI songs, a bit more classic rock. The chorus reminds me of something, the way the notes step up progressively like stairs. Then suddenly, around 2 minutes and twenty seconds into the song, we get some electronic keys and I wonder if the boys are taking a bit of musical direction from their buddies in Cobra Starship? It's a Cobra kind of song structure actually, with a respite in the middle, a heavily repeated line, and the guitar sounds right too. Hmm.

Track 3: "Sputter" discussed here. The lyrics are hitting me harder this time though, and they're really very gorgeous. Bill Beckett usually rights very clear lyrics, very story oriented and straight forward, while Andrew McMahon's style seems more poetic and conscious of how the words will affect the delivery will affect the mood and tone.

Track 4: "New York (Saint in the City)" isn't making much of an impression on me, though the drumming is standing out as particularly interesting. This is, however, a driving down the highway, throwing pictures and mementos out of the window kind of song. I have no idea why, but that's the image in my head. The guitar gets kind of interesting in the middle too. I guess I like the instrumentals of this song, but the lyrics and vocals aren't doing anything for me.

Track 5: "In The Rearview." The basic beat of this song makes me think of girls slow dancing in poodle skirts with boys with pomade in their hair. I blame all the sugar and sleep deprivation. And the beat. "You would rather be alone than admit you were wrong" is a poignant line. the guitars at the end are getting me though - I love them and want them to continue. Why does the song stop so soon? Why does that not launch into a great guitar instrumental track? Why?

Overall I'm a little underwhelmed, though I'll give it some time and a few more listens to really sink in and settle into my brain. I think my standards for TAI are a little high though. Their first two albums really shook my world at the end of my first year of college, when I discovered them about two years after everyone else and listened to Bill Beckett yell at me through my car speakers for not taking control of my life, the music telling me that I had to do something, be something, go somewhere. Now he's just singing at me, and I miss those songs that suddenly kicked me out of repetition and into living.

In other news, I've lately been kind of obsessed with Icky Thump by The White Stripes and Dying to Say This to You by The Sounds. Both very, very different albums, and jarring when I'm flipping back and forth between the two, but they're embodying my current state of mind. One part of me wants to rebel with pop beats and dance moves and being my own person, while the other half of me wants to get lost in my head, get lost in Mexico, and get lost in loud crazy guitars. Half of me wants to dance in a short skirt in the middle of a crowd while the other half wants to throw on combat boots and kick ass all over town.

I'm a little conflicted at the moment. Ah, well. Now back to evolution studying! Extinction vortexes and mutational meltdowns aren't going to define themselves, you know!

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