Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When Awesome Things Collide

1. First of all, woah. It's not perfect, and the judges kind of hate it, but somebody choreographed a lindy hop to "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance. It is the sketchiest video website ever, and it's in a completely different language, but woah. I swing dance at college, and I love MCR, and no way were those two things ever going to coincide. But hah, Canada has proved me wrong!

2. The next is a merging of two of my absolute favorite things: Cooking, and Cobra Starship. Did you know that Cobra's bassist, Alex Suarez, went to culinary school? Watch him make amazing looking food:

(Also a plus is the ridiculous, lewd commentary supplied by their guitarist, Ryland Blackinton. And look, Audrey Kitching! Scene queen she may be, but you gotta admit the girl can rock pink hair.)

3. Finally, (and this is old) The Teddybears did a remix of the song "Black Mamba" by The Academy Is... for the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack. When I found this, over a year ago (back in the days of livejournal), my reaction was this:

"I was searching around on Borders.com because they're having a 40% off CD sale and I wanted to see what they sell before I run rampant in the store with a gift card and a list of CDs, and I stumbled upon the Snakes on a Plane Soundtrack, which I never got around to buying a while ago. And I looked at the tracks.

Holy sweet goodness.

"Black Mamba" - The Academy is... [Teddybears Remix]

The two opposite poles of my musical world just collided. A Swedish ex-metal-grindcore band turned pop remixing a Chicago Alt band.

I cannot describe to you how I felt about this. I literally just ran around the bottom floor of my house in excitement. Two musical loves coming together. Holy everything.

My CD collection just turned itself inside out.

It's not the best remix ever. I'll admit that. But just the fact that those two bands collided into one single song has made my life. There's no one in my house for me to praise this musical genius to. I can't think of anyone I could call who wouldn't laugh at my outburst.

Because I'm bursting. Out. Outbursting.

Holy Musical Goodness."

I was maybe a little less eloquent than I would have been here, but you get the sentiment. You can listen to it here. I just went back and listened to it while writing this and damn. It was good. Do yourself a favor and take three and a half minutes and dance to this song.

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