Monday, October 12, 2009

Alpha Dog and Omegalomaniac

Last September, Fall Out Boy put out a mixtape online to promote both their upcoming record, Folie a Deux, and Obama. It had a snippet of a song called "ALPHAdog and OMEGAlomaniac." The full song was just released to the world through Banana's Music Club, and it will be one of the new singles off of the band's Greatest Hits album, out in mid November. You can listen to it here.

I'm completely pissed that this song is coming out just as the band it taking a "break," because this song is made to fill arenas. The second chorus in I was rocking out in my headphones and singing along. It has a great chorus, a very full sound, and it's really good. It doesn't hurt that megalomaniac is one of my favorite words. Tell me you can listen to this without bobbing your head and rocking your shoulders and letting the sound just take over. I want to scream along to this in a huge crowd. I love the way Patrick plays with the word megalomaniac in the chorus. Fall Out Boy knows how to make the songs that will get us to sing and live and move and feel.

I was prepared to make some disparaging, critical comments about this, "It's good, but..." and I just can't. It is an honestly good song. No buts.

"You're not the first or the last, but you're possibly the prettiest."

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