Saturday, October 3, 2009

Check It Out, I'm Rocking Steady

Today calls for Motion City Soundtrack. It just does.

The future freaks me out, but everything is alright. This is my mantra for today. Watch. Listen. Love. Hope that these boys finish up their record and put new music out soon.

I've saw them live once, in May of 2008, knowing only one song. It was so loud, the music was everywhere and all around and blaring into my ears, and there was this girl jumping and flailing and screaming in front of me, and it didn't knock me off my feet, but it planted the seeds of these songs into my brain and there are just some days when you've got to tell the world "Fuck it, I'm on fire, and now I think I'm ready to bust a move."

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Love that song!The beat in my head goes oh-oHOH...