Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Want You To

Well. This isn't where I thought this video was going.

I love Weezer and I love Marc Webb and it's a cute video. But the children with digitally added Weezer heads freak me out. And people get maimed. I love the concept, of the femme fatale disrupting the world of men, coming in and completely turning their lives upside down. I also love the fact that there are multiples of everyone, and as always I love Marc Webb's physical shot compositions and style. But it's also weird. My favorite shot is of Odette Yustman dropping the flower that Scott hands her. Their facial expressions combined with the framing and movement are pure gold.

There's a making of video as well (love these!) which includes the band and Webb talking about the video. This is a weird group of men. I know that in past video shoots (specifically the MCR "I'm Not Okay" video) Webb has declared "silly hat days" and I hope that is the reasoning behind his very silly hat. Rivers also describes the song as being about that awkward moment when you really like someone but you're not sure if you should do something about it because you don't know if they like you back. I love that concept, and I see it in the song. Very cool. But why was there blood spurting and arrow shooting and digitally manipulated creepy children? I don't see.

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