Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sickness is killing me.

Sniffle. Cough. Hack. Sleep.

But then I found this. Go ahead, click it.

It's a mosaic of a classic Fall Out Boy promotional picture, of the band sitting on a bench next to a light post. It is composed, however, of the names of four thousand six hundred and thirty two loyal fans who were warned by Pete Wentz not to input their names, because he would not say what they would be used for.

We did anyways. Yup, my name's in there. It took some hunting but I found it, and it's pretty cool to be a part of something the band put together to thank their fans. Their greatest hits album came out today, and they're taking a break for a while, and it's nice to be a part of this note of the band's life. I hope the other 4,631 names find it as cool as I do.

Okay. My nose has turned a brilliant shade of rudolph red. Time for sleep.

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