Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I Want To Be a Tour Videographer

Rivers Cuomo just made my day.

Then DO IT! Oh my god, if my two favorite bands went on tour together... they would need a videographer. They would absolutely need someone there to capture the amazingness that would be that tour. And Cobra's down with it! They've been freaking out about it on twitter all day, that Rivers likes them. Weezer and Cobra Starship on one tour. That's my standard answer when people ask the "If you could set up a festival, who would play?" question. They're my choice for co-headliners. Do it, Rivers. Make it happen. And then have a desperate need for an enthusiastic videographer. I would be there in a heartbeat.

PS. Fall Out Boy just released a video for their new single "Alpha Dog." It has a lot of Pete Wentz being... Pete Wentz, but it also has a lot of old footage and is a really nice progression from the band beginning to now. It has three streams woven together - live performance footage, behind the scenes footage, and music video footage. It's funny to compare the things in the three different worlds that were all happening at the same time, to see when I start recognizing things in each stream, each world. I only just saw them live this year, but we all know the single videos. And yet what I loved more were the old Honda Civic Tour videos from 2007. Those are what introduced me to the other side of the music world, and made me realize that bands didn't have to be self contained in just their CDs, that tours and fan interactions and the whole music community had so much more to offer. I didn't realize until right now how much those videos launched me into the music scene and made me really want to be a part of documenting it.

Enjoy the new video. Enjoy the B-Side of the music world. You know, if Fall Out Boy wanted to join the above mentioned tour of amazing, I wouldn't mind too much.

Alpha Dog

Fall Out Boy | MySpace Video

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