Saturday, December 26, 2009

Newbury Comics

How have I gotten this many months into a music blog and never once mentioned Newbury Comics? I'm astounded.

So I spend a considerable amount of money on music, but it's the only thing I spend money on. Tickets and CDs and music magazines but I work my ass off as a full time student with 3 (and a half) part time jobs, so I feel justified. However that means I know where every cent of my money comes from. I know how many cups of coffee I poured to buy that new CD, how many experiments I ran to buy those concert tickets.

That's why I buy my music at Newbury Comics. If I'm going to give my hard earned money to someone, it's not going to be a huge chain like Virgin or FYE. It's going to be the little music store that could, that has every CD I want and that'll find it for me if they don't. Music stores are dying and if my money is going somewhere I want it to be to a store I support.

They're all around now too. What started off as a comic store on Newbury Street in Boston has expanded. My personal favorite is the store in Harvard Square, but I frequented the one on Route One this summer as I commuted back and forth to work. They don't sell just CDs either - they have everything from clothing to vinyl to books. you want pop culture, music culture, youth culture? They've got it.

The local news (NECN) did a segment on them recently, about their adaptation to the economic climate through branching out and internet sales, but I'd like to believe that the real reason they're surviving the crash is people like me who want to know that their money's going to real people, a living breathing store, not just some huge chain with no personality.

Fun Bonus Fact: Way back when, before I was born, my parents ran the mailing list for Newbury Comics. Back when mailing lists actually came in the mail, and weren't sent out via e-mail or twitter. Back before CDs. Probably in the age of cassettes.

The dark ages.

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