Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rivers Cuomo Injured in Bus Crash (+ Twitter)

No cute, punny titles until the word is that he's alright.

On the way from New York to Boston, the bus carrying Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo hit black ice and slid into a ditch. News is scarce. There's no word on how he's doing other than the fact that he's in the hospital with complaints of rib pain and that his wife and daughter escaped unharmed.

The event says so much about current media and the way that information travels, especially in the music world. I found out about the accident through a tweet from HayleyFiasco, a music maverick who's worked for both Weezer and Amanda Palmer, and only a few tweets below her Vicky-T of Cobra Starship had also relayed the message. I retweeted the news and found a tweet from Patrick Wilson that read "Everything is under control." Only a little while later he again posted, with "It was perfect conditions for black ice. Got loose going towards the meridian, driver saves it but bus goes thru guardrail into 6ft ditch."

Twitter is how I get my news. I know what the weather is like from friends' tweets, I find out what bands are coming through Boston by the venues and sites that I follow, I get local news from Boston Tweeters, I receive updates on friends through their streams, and I even follow the Boston Police to find out what streets I shouldn't be on at night. I've created my own news feed of the events and facts important to me.

However the most telling line is from the Alternative Press website (which I got to from their tweet about the incident) which reads, as of 8:40pm:
"Cuomo has yet to tweet about the accident."

That's how we'll know he's alright - he'll tweet about it.

*Update* According to Jack's Mannequin, the remainder of the tour has been canceled. I'd been looking forward to this show so much, and I'm really disappointed that it's not happening, but I'm more worried about what kind of injury Rivers must have sustained that the tour has been canceled. Here's to a speedy and full recovery.

*Update 2* The full story here is really more terrifying than I could have imagined.

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