Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Chemical Updates

Bad title. I know. Too much GoFugYourself?

Anyways, if you don't check out My Chemical Romance's website daily, you should. Because Mikey updates with weird pictures of his dogs, Gerard rambles about cereal and creepy lucky charms, and Bob informs the world of stuff like this:


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I know what I'm doing June 20th!

I'm a little worried what Paramore will do to the crowd.

But mainly PUMPED.

(They're using the radio change noises from "D.A.N.C.E." by Justice. I should not know the difference between static from songs.)

Rumor has it The Sounds will be out on tour with them for part of this. It better be the part that includes Boston :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I do love guitars and drums and vocals, but....

When did I fall in love with piano music?

This is gorgeous.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Strolling through the campus store, searching for twizzlers and diet coke to beat the jet lag that is still clinging to my brain, the continuous stream of pop music that pours out of the speakers stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Candy" by Mandy Moore. I was 10 when this song came out, and I wanted to be Mandy Moore. I heard it playing today and had this intense desire to have a sleepover and paint someone's nails and french braid hair while talking about the cute boys in class. I was a middle school girl again, and I just had to find the video.

The green beetle. The tank tops. The colors. The choreography. It is so nineties. I had to share.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Permanent Jetlag

Two days ago, I was in Rome. Today, I'm in the deserted school library typing a report on drosophila melanogaster. My life makes me laugh sometimes.

I hate planes. I love the idea of flying, and I think it's amazing that the huge hunk of metal makes it into the air, over the sea, and across the world. But being stuck in a seat for seven hours with bad food and stale air makes my skin itch and my legs cramp, so I compensate with music. On planes I pick albums and listen to them the whole way through with no use of the skip button or shuffle. It allows me to devote all of my attention to them and sometimes forces me to give albums I didn't like a second listen. Which is what happened with Folie a Deux and illustrated my best plane story ever.

As I boarded in Boston, I threw my luggage overhead and gave an awkward smile to the boy in the window seat next to me, the "I don't know you but will be sitting next to you for the next seven hours" smile. He returned it. We ignored each other through takeoff. Then, he pulled out a book in Spanish. This made sense, seeing as we were going to Madrid. Of course the book I had packed to read on the plane was the Spanish version of Harry Potter that I bought in Madrid last summer, so I pulled it out as well. Then he took off his shoes (fair game on long plane rides) and I noticed the patterned socks peeking out from beneath his skinny jeans. Of course, there were star printed socks at the end of my own black skinny jean clad legs as well. The stewardess came and he talked to her in Spanish. I did the same, just because I love the language. I felt a little geeky pulling out my huge noise canceling headphones. Then he pulled out his. He said "perdoname" as he moved by me towards the aisle and I responded with "lo siento." I scribbled in my journal. He scribbled in his.

I met the boy version of me on a plane to Spain.

6 hours in, groggy and unable to sleep, the stewardess asked what he wanted to drink. "Water," he said. The stewardess turned to me. "Me too."

Neither of us were really Spanish. We were both wearing patterned socks and noise cancelers and carrying journals and Spanish books. We couldn't sleep on the plane and we'd both spent the entire flight not talking to each other because we assumed the other one spoke a different language.

"Who will I be when I wake up next to a stranger on a passenger plane?"
- 20 Dollar Nosebleed, Fall Out Boy

Monday, February 9, 2009


Over the past year I've noticed that while I still love loud guitars and crashing cymbals, pianos and acoustic guitars have started to creep into my music collection.

This is so pretty. So simple. Open. The webcam and bedroom just make it that much nicer.

Heartbeats (bed room rendition) from William Beckett Jr. on Vimeo.

It's a cover of a cover (the original was by a band called The Knife) but I'm okay with that.

My Arms Get Cold in February Air

So I did not go and see Lights at the Middle East last night.


School is taking over my life. Again. Currently, the backs of my hands are bright red and spotted from some allergic reaction that happened during orgo lab. Sweet. I plan on catching Lights on March 6th in Framingham (it's at a church? Cool?) but I figured this gem would just have to hold me over.

LIGHTS - February Air official music video

It's pretty. And appropriate at the moment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weezer Bassists

Currently, Weezer's bassist is Scott Shriner, who seems like a cool dude, if not a little weird. But what member of Weezer, or Weezer fan, isn't a little weird?

Mikey Welsh had some issues. Maybe. He left Weezer and no one really talks about it. But he too seemed a touch awesome in my book, what with his fabulous outfit in the "Hash Pipe" video. He's apparently turned his life around and started doing some graphic design work. Good for him. Seriously.

But my favorite Weezer bassist is Matt Sharp because he played on the Blue Album, and I'm pretty sure my heart beats to the bass line of "Only in Dreams." It is just fabulous and amazing. So he left Weezer and started The Rentals, which I have never really gotten into. However they just started a new project, called Songs About Time, that looks like it could be really interesting. There's a new photograph every day, a new film every week, and a new song chapter every three months. The format is a little annoying (you have to watch it flash the date before you look at a picture. It's very big about time. Oh. Well that's kind of the point.) but it's a really awesome idea.

Bass players.