Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Album (and a documentary?) from Jukebox the Ghost

I know My Chemical Romance is coming out with a new album this year, and I'm pumped. And I know The Gaslight Anthem is coming out with a new album this year and I am beyond stoked.

But my most anticipated album of 2010? This:

It better come out this year. It must. I demand it. Their first album is in my top five favorite albums of all time, and they put on some of the best live shows. I'm beyond excited for the new Jukebox the Ghost album, which would also mean a tour and shows in the area and some of the best, happiest music I've ever heard. Also, I love "Mistletoe," which is the song being sung in this video. I've seen it live and it is really beautiful and heartbreaking and I want more songs like that!

(P.S. Hi, World. You and I need to have a chat. I mean, I know that I've told you that I want to be a thousand different things. I guess that can be confusing. I've settled, I think, on having my own show on the Discovery Channel, a research science based hour that takes the wicked awesome science happening all over the world and translates it into a medium that everyone can understand, no PhD required. It even has the added goal of making the point that science isn't just done by balding old men in lab coats, and that science is cool. Science is awesome. I will show the world that science can be done by girls with purple hair in skinny jeans and band tees, and I will pave the way for thousands of girls after me who will realize that they can both be their own awesome selves AND be science nerds, that the two things aren't mutually exclusive. I'm going to change the way this country views science. I'm going to usher in a new generation that wants to grow up to be scientists AND rockstars.

But, in exchange for giving you thousands of willing, eager, excited new researchers who will fight diseases, you could let me do some music related things on the side too, right? I mean, this kind of documentary is what I want to do! I've said it before, and I'm not limiting myself to any genre. I want to make tour documentaries and direct music videos. I want to bring music to people everywhere, give people a different way to relate to songs and artists.

Just stick me on a bus, World, or in a van. Give me a camera and a laptop and I will make documentaries and web videos and silly stupid things to make people smile. Then I'll go off and change the world, have fun creating a science and music based revolution. You just have to give me the chance to do both, World. I'm counting on you.

<3 Alex)

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