Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recent and Ancient Covers

I've seen VersaEmerge live once, back in November, and I didn't quite get it. It was kind of "scene meets Nightmare Before Christmas" which in my head should be awesome but in reality was... not.

But combine a band I didn't much care for with a song I used to love (you are so not allowed to judge) and you get this:

It works. I don't know why, but it totally works and I love this cover. It also demonstrates that Britney Spears (or more correctly, the people who actually write her music) makes perfect pop music. You can take her songs and translate them into any genre and still have something interesting and enjoyable to listen to. I love it here, with the dark, creepy edge. It fits really well with the lyrics and the tone of the song.

This next cover is from years ago. The date on it is 2004, and yet it still sticks in my head.

It's by JD Natasha, an artist I knew nothing about but was mildly obsessed with in high school. Most of her songs are in Spanish, and they're easy to understand and sing. I loved "Lagrimas," "Plastico," and "Tatuaje," and can still sing most of them by heart.

But this cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya" is how I found her. It's interesting, with the cello and the acoustics and her imperfect voice.

And just because I can, here is "Plastico" by JD Natasha. I love this song so much. Another of my favorite lyrics: "Soy imbecil por quererte, me causas dolor." I must have played this song a thousand times when I was 15.

(Funny how there are no high quality embeds of foreign language videos on the internet... Also you have to sit through a Spanish commercial, which is kind of silly. But the song is worth it.)

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