Sunday, January 10, 2010

That One Time I Think I Was Almost Run Over By Jared Leto

I'm serious. And if I could think of a reason why Jared Leto would have been in Massachusetts at the time, I would be positive.

I was getting out of my car in a bank parking lot two or three summers ago, and a bright red Mustang whipped into the space right beside me, not noticing that I was standing beside my car. I slammed my door shut and pressed myself against my beat up (but well loved) Oldsmobile to avoid being hit.

The driver's side door on the Mustang popped open, and a dark haired guy who looked wildly familiar got out.

"I'm sorry!" he said. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I replied. "I'm fine."

And with that, he smiled at me and walked into the bank. He looked so familiar, and even more familiar when I too entered the bank and the two of us were filling out our deposit slips next to each other. It wasn't until he'd made his deposit and left the bank that it hit me.

"Holy shit," I muttered. "That was Jordan Catalano."

At the time, "The Kill" was popular, and I'd seen it because it was a great reference to The Shining, but I hadn't looked into the band enough to link 30 Seconds to Mars with Jared Leto. I was never very into the band, and when "Kings and Queens" came out, I thought it was a powerful song, but the video took some time to grow on me. However over the past few weeks it has really stuck, and I think that in essence it is a beautiful concept, but one simple enough to invade my mind every time the song comes on the radio. That's what makes it great. Take a look for yourself, and give it more than one shot. I also recommend watching it full screen. It'll be worth it.

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Kings + Queens - HD

30 Seconds to Mars | MySpace Music Videos

(By realizing that "The Kill" was still popular when I was nearly run over, and that it was sometime after I graduated from high school, I pinned the date down to the summer of 2007. I can't find a tour schedule for that summer, as their official site seems to be down. Maybe I'd rather leave it as a mystery, and not know if it really was Angela Chase's dream boy that almost ran me down.)

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