Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whataya Want From Me?

I'm tired. It was the first day of classes and it's been a long day and really, Whataya Want From Me?!

Okay, horrible segue, but seriously, tired. Also, can we discuss the awesome that is Adam Lambert? I've never watched more than one or two audition episodes of American Idol, and I'm not a fan of pop, but there was so much buzz over Adam Lambert that I had to find out more. I found this video:

Can we just talk about the amount that I want to be at that concert at the end? That is the kind of club show that I live for, and it breaks my heart that Lambert is now too big of a star to ever play this small of a show. But that level of stage presence and entertainment on that small of a stage is what every club wants to be but never is. Damn.

And of course, no Lambert post is complete without mention of the AMA performance. I didn't see it, and it looks like I never will, but I'd like to note (as thousands of bloggers before me have) that in the news story the following morning on CBS, they blurred Lambert kissing his male bassist, but not Britney kissing Madonna.

So girls can make out on TV because guys can get off on it, but Middle America is still afraid of two guys kissing? Or because it's alright to objectify women into sexual objects, but not men? Both options piss me off.

I'll let you make of it what you will.

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