Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boomerangs and Murderous Headliners

Molecular Genetics is kicking my butt. Forgive the random.

I spent over half my life involved in martial arts. One of those things that makes me less creeped out at shows is knowing that if that skeevy dude in the corner puts his hand on my ass again I can break his nose.

My school had big celebrations when people graduated to black belt and occasionally martial artists from other schools would come and perform. I must have been about eleven when these two kids, world champions, came to perform. They did all sorts of weapons demos, and they were fabulous. But what do I remember? Not their names, or their forms, or their ranks. No, I remember their music.

I have been searching for this song for about a decade now. One of the kids performed to it and it will randomly pop into my head, or I'll randomly start singing it. But it's really hard to do a google search for "German song about boomerangs" and get the right result back. But tonight, I found it! It had been stuck in my head all day, this peppy, crazy tune, and I was determined to find it.

Blumchen's "Boomerang." Now this song can stop plaguing me.

On a completely unrelated note, Panic! at the Disco, Shane Valdes, and Butch Walker made this:

I really have no explanation. But could I have Shane Valdes's job? I mean, he gets to make the most random videos with musicians, for no purpose that I can see beyond just being able to. I'd like that. I will admit to being minorly excited at the beginning ("Panic! is touring with Butch Walker? Awesome!") but the disappointment at that being a lie was dispelled by the odd yet fun video. So enjoy.

(As an aside, how many over zealous, over excited fans do you think both of these men have met? I often feel, when meeting artists, that this is how they view the whole Meet and Greet ordeal. Butch gets to finally show his disdain and Brendon gets to act like the hyperactive fans who swarm him at shows. They both must have loved this.)

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