Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hot Chelle Rae Show Review... Sort Of

Hot Chelle Rae at The Somerville Theater - March 26, 2010

Here's one of those times (hopefully the first of many) where I can't give you my full show review here. "Why?" you ask. Well, because that would be scooping my own story. My official show review will be posted on Music Remedy, and I'll link you there when the time comes (NOW LINKED HERE). But here you will get the unofficial, unprofessional commentary on my nights out, even when they're "on assignment."

I sound so official. I swear I'm not really this cool.

I had a guestlist spot and a plus one (this is still the coolest thing ever, being able to roll up to the ticket window and tell someone that I'm on the list) so I dragged a friend off to Somerville to see the show. We found the theater, wandered inside, and hit a wall of children. Now, I always complain a little about shows full of screaming 14 year olds, and that's what I expected this to be. What I did not expect was that the headliner was a Disney Channel star. Emily Osment, to be exact, and she's apparantly from Hannah Montana.

At least that's what the veritable horde of seven to ten year olds in hot pink told me. I'm not even lying, these girls were all under the age of ten. There were maybe twelve middle school kids, and that's being generous. This also meant that the place was full of parents, almost all of whom decided to cope with the experience by getting really drunk. Twitter even reports that there was a fight between drunken dads after we left. There were grandparents too, giving this concert the official widest age range of any I've ever been to.

Hot Chelle Rae
was awesome, really great, but that'll all be in the later review. What won't be in the later review is how completely creeped out we were by the girls' reaction to them. When the music started, the swarm of little girls raced up to dance in front of the stage. Okay, fine, that's normal. And if it was any other crowd, I would have agreed that the hands in the air reaching out to touch the band was normal as well (though I've never quite understood it - "Oh look! I touched a guitarist!" Um, okay?) But I'd like you, for just a minute, to picture about thirty eight year olds in hot pink reaching out to touch a bunch of guys in their early twenties.

Sketchy, right?

Unofficial thoughts on the band include my high approval of boys dancing with tambourines and my love of one of the guitarist's guitars. I really like highly decorated guitars and this one was shiny black with a very bright pattern that looked almost floral from the back of the room. They looked like they were having fun, and that's really what I need to get into a show. Good music, fun beats, and a teenage drummer headbanging with shoulder length hair during the last song.

I just realized the perfect band to compare them to, after my review has been submitted (damn!) though I guess this just means that my apt comparison of Hot Chelle Rae to a young All American Rejects is going to be lost to the greater internet community. Ah, well. It's true though, and I see them having the same trajectory and fans. Put these bands on the same tour and Hot Chelle Rae will have an instant fanbase.

Emily Osment was on after, though a few temper tantrums and crying fits nicely separated the sets. Seriously, who brings kids that young to a show? We stayed for about the first three songs, but they were nothing special so we bailed early. We went downstairs to check out the Museum of Bad Art, which is really odd, and then hopped back on the Red Line.

I will never complain about sixteen year olds at concerts again.

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