Saturday, March 20, 2010

Se Te Nota en la Cara, Tienes Mucho Poder

I'm spending all day watching movies by Vittorio de Sica, under the ruse of writing a film paper. I do have to write a film paper, that's true, and I am going to write it on De Sica, also true. But the sheer amount of movies I'm watching is not so much for background knowledge as it is because I really love his films.

And somehow, I don't even remember how, something in a documentary about an hour ago reminded me of La Oreja De Van Gogh.

Translated, it means Van Gogh's ear, and they're a band from Spain. They've had a lineup change in the past few years and their original singer left. I'm not a huge fan of their music, but I've always loved the song "Pop" and it's accompanying video. And, in light of our most recent pop diva, I felt the lyrics were appropriate. The lip-synching video not so much, but the message absolutely.

The chorus, for those of you who don't speak spanish: "You're the queen of pop, a life without name, a mountain of illusion. You're bills and alcohol, a blurred photo, a flower without scent."

And again with the key change at the end of the song. I love key changes in songs.

And now to find more movies. Think of how hard it is to find that movie you want to watch online. Then imagine if you had to find it in a different language. Then require subtitles.

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