Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This Too Shall Pass... and be Embedded

OK Go is the master of one take videos. Everyone remembers the treadmills, and there was another video around the same time of them dancing in their backyards, but now they've gone above and beyond.

Their first video for their new album was the video for "WTF?" Their sound was very processed, a little reminiscent of MGMT, and the video was a cool computer effect but I got bored about halfway through.

The they came out with their first video for "This Too Shall Pass." It featured a camouflaged Notre Dame marching band popping out of the weeds in a field and playing a continuous take of the song. I know that sounds weird, but the finished piece is very, very impressive. The rest of the marching band comes out in uniform and they joing OK Go and the music takes over the field. The stands spell out the lyrics of the songs and it's really awesome. You have to go watch it here.

Now both of those videos are not embeddable. OK Go wasn't happy with this, and some drama with YouTube and their record label ensued. The lead singer wrote a great op-ed piece for the New York Times about how not allowing embedding hurts everyone, including the band and the label, and I completely agree. It's an interesting piece about the state of the music industry, and you can read it here.

In response, their new video for "This Too Shall Pass" is embeddable, and it's a damn good thing. Is it a true Rube Goldberg? Do they have help? I don't care. It is a great, interesting, involved piece and it's all one take. I'll let the video speak for itself:

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