Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've Gone Half Crazy

Jukebox the Ghost at the Middle East, May 26th, 2010

Showing up 15 minutes before the first act doesn’t mean much when the first act cancels, so after an hour of nothing the show began with Free Energy.

They made me dance and they made me smile. They lived up to their name, and they had energy to spare. Everyone was happy, the crowd was having fun, and a good time was had by all. Their music was repetitious, but in the good, sing-along way rather than the boring way. “Bang Pop” was fun, as was the eponymous “Free Energy.” A large section of the crowd knew the words, which was great.

But I wasn’t there for them, and I really have no more to say about the general awesome of Jukebox the Ghost that I haven’t said before. They play perfect music that’s pretty much designed to win me over. They also played a cover of “I Love You Always Forever” by Donna Lewis, which sounds like a horrible idea, but it was one of the most goddamned adorable things I’ve ever seen. I want this in a recorded version right now.

What I also want in a recorded version is their new record, due out September 7th on Yep Roc. I’ve dragged my roommate to a bunch of their shows (well technically, as she reminded me last night, I only dragged her to the first one, and she’s come more than willingly to the rest) and we were both complaining that the new songs get stuck in our heads because we’ve heard them live, but we can’t fix it because we can’t listen to them anywhere. The biggest offenders are “Half Crazy” and “Schizophrenic.” I’m in love with both of these songs and want to listen to them now but can’t.

And the night ended with “Victoria.” That’s really as good as it gets.

Oh my god I just found an acoustic version of "Half Crazy" online. I love the electric guitar version, so so much, but this is also great.

And there's one from the same session of "Empire." So good, even though they didn't play this last night. I don't care, it's going here anyways. This is my musical diary and I'm going to want to rewatch this and so you're going to just have to sit back and enjoy it too!

And, this video was not taken by me, but I was standing maybe a foot away from the person who did at this show last year. Here's "Schizophrenic," probably the first time I heard it live, almost exactly a year ago.

I wish the sound quality was better. But it's alright. Almost, almost.

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