Monday, May 10, 2010

Show So Hot We Set Off the Alarm.

Cobra Starship, 3OH!3, Travie McCoy, I Fight Dragons on the Too Fast For Love Tour at the House of Blues, May 9, 2010

Oh House of Blues. You and I are just not seeing eye to eye lately! When you state that the doors open at seven and the show starts at eight, that should mean that the doors open at seven and the show starts at eight. It should not mean that when I get there at 7:08 the first band is already playing.

So I got there just a little late for the I Fight Dragons set, which was sad seeing as I was there to interview them and was honestly interested by their music. They’re a chiptune band (and a pop rock band and an NES band and why do people have to stick so many labels on everything!) and so parts of their music are played with video game controllers. Seriously. There was a power glove and a power pad and one dude was playing a rock band guitar. And it was awesome. Their music stands up even without that as good pop rock, and the added video game theatrics just pull everything together. I love the combination of the old soundcards and the rock music. It’s just great. But more on them later.

Next up was Travie McCoy. He came out with a trio of glowing balloons and looked quite dapper in his derby fit suit. Most of the songs were backed by tracks, but I mind that less when the DJ is up on stage playing them. The drummer was Matt from Gym Class Heroes, and it’s nice that there seem to be no harsh feelings about that split. The music is very feel good, and it just makes you want to dance on a beach, quite appropriate with the recent video released for “Billionaire.” The songs aren’t out yet, but the crowd caught on fast and everyone was really enjoying it. Travie is a great frontman and even better solo, and he’s got some tricks up his sleeves with The Lazarus Project. I might just have to buy this album.

So part of the reason I went out the night before two of my finals (I’ve never done that before of course. Never. I’d never dream of it…) was to interview I Fight Dragons. So as 3OH!3 started their set I followed IFD's tour manager up to one of the green rooms upstairs that they were sharing with Travie. For my first completely solo interview, I’d say I held my own all right. I was nervous, and they were obviously a little amused by it, but I asked all of my questions and got some interesting answers. They explained how the chiptune works live, which I was super interested in, but you’re going to have to wait for the interview to be published to find out! We chatted about Weezer, and you know how much I love Weezer. There was that little bit of my brain that was screaming “You are interviewing! Let them talk! Do not explain why Raditude was a failure in a thirty page dissertation!” Interviewing makes me rein my rambling in a lot and sometimes I think that makes me sound stilted and forced. Thing to work on.

I wandered back downstairs for the rest of 3OH!3’s set, and I’ve missed that kind of crowd so much. It’s been a long semester and I threw myself into the crowd and jumped and danced and sang along. I did not care that I looked like one of the 16 year old fan girls, I just needed to get lost and forgotten in the middle of a dark crowd. 3OH!3 was loud and fast and dark and dirty and that’s really all I needed them to be. They were disappointed by the lack of ability to play with fog machines, so we couldn’t see the lazer beams coming out of the animatronic wolves' eyes (that sentence right there was ridiculous) but they didn’t need it. They were energetic and all over that stage. Also, their new keyboard played is Isom, from Tom and Isom way back at the first Cobra show I ever went to.

Then we evacuated the building.

No, seriously. The fire alarm went off, all the doors opened, and the scene tumbled out onto
Lansdowne Street. An overheated elevator, two fire trucks, and twenty minutes later and we were back inside and ready for Cobra Starship.

This was my seventh time seeing Cobra. They’re one of my favorite live bands, their show is just too much fun, but seven is a big number. I’d really hate to become “that fan” that’s always at the shows, but I’m always out at shows and they’re always playing in the area, so…

I danced. I sang. I threw my fangs up. I forgot that I’ve spent the last year or so maturing out of the crowd and into the back and just danced away these past four months. They played “Living in the Sky with Diamonds” and Ryland’s mom came out on stage and they heckled the Yankees, who were playing across the street at Fenway. I swear I’ve never heard a crowd so loud as when we were chanting “Yankees Suck,” but that’s Boston for you.

They seemed to be having fun too. The crowd was wild and full of energy, and that totally impacts a band’s performance. This many concerts in I’m not sure how much more I can expound upon how fun their set it, but they don’t take shit from anyone and encourage their fans to do the same, and that’s really the right setting for a dance party.

Kiss my sass.

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