Monday, June 7, 2010

Soy Un Perdedor

This is my 200th post on Fake Pink Glasses. Crazy. I was going to do something big for it, maybe a showcase of my new CD wall or a list of my top ten albums or a group of my favorite music videos.

But my wall is unfinished (though awesome beyond belief). My top ten albums started to take more explanation and back story than one post can hold. And most of my favorite videos have been on here before.

Also, I'm too chill for that. And it's summer. We don't need a celebration, we need a vacation. So here are some songs and videos that have made me happy lately, have made me smile, have made me feel. That's what this is all about anyways.

Ben Thornewill of Jukebox the Ghost has some pretty music of his own that is gorgeous enough to break your heart. I'm a musical masochist.

Glee covered "Loser" by Beck. I don't always get Beck, especially early Beck, but I'm a loser, baby.

So this one time, I was in Travie McCoy's dressing room. He wasn't there, I was interviewing another band (and transcribing that interview is taking forever because 3!Oh3 was damn loud in the background). His new stuff makes me smile. Expect an album review after Tuesday.

Here's to diet coke, late nights, concerts and crowds and rowdy fans. Mosh pits and mohawks and purple hair. Stupid glasses, writing projects, skinny jeans, too much eyeliner, guitars, pretty boys. Scene kids, punks, indie kids, hipsters. Basses, drums, pianos, and cellos. Violins, tambourines, and keytars. Bands broke up, friends were made. 200 posts later and I still know who I am, still see how music has glued together the crazy bits of my life.

Here's to my smattering of followers and to Google Analytics. To the 1,258 who read my Gaslight Anthem post and the 2 who read my very first. To those who check in often and those who wander in from Google. Here's to being on the third page of google images if you type in "hot mess" and the first if you add cd to that.

Here's to two hundred more posts.

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